A Message From Taresssa Riazzi, Founder.


My name is Taressa Riazzi and I am a Board Certified Hypnotherapist with a practice in Gilbert, AZ. I am passionate about my ‘job’ and there is nothing greater than supporting my clients in reaching their goals and seeing the phenomenal affect that it has on their lives!


As a teen and young adult, I battled depression, anxiety, and had a complete lack of self confidence. I tried Medical Doctors, medication (lots of it!), psychiatrists, counselors, and things only seemed to get worse!

The drugs were addicting and daily functioning meant either having a panic attack or taking a pill. I felt completely alone and lost…

Then, my life changed!

  • I realized that I needed to change what I was doing. These methods were not working.
  • I discovered hypnosis and my life had changed. I was able to get off all medication and my mindset had completely changed!
  • I am here to inspire, motivate, and support my clients in a way that I wish I had been back then!
  • I continue to see changes in my life as well as the lives of my clients on a daily basis.
  • The transformations have been incredible and I am honored to be a part of it!

Let’s Get Started!


Education and Training:

  • Southwest Institute of Healing Arts
  • Hypnotherapy Certification (2010)
  • Life Coaching training and practicum (2010)
  • Reiki level I Certification (2010)
  • Reiki level II Certification (2011)
  • Reiki level III (Master) Certification (2011)
  • Holistic Nutrition Specialist (2011)
  • Subconscious Intervention (2011)
  • Mind Body Wellness Practitioner Diploma (2011)
  • Hypnotherapy Board Certification (2012-current)