In addition to my online trainings and downloads, I offer in person and virtual private sessions to motivated individuals looking for maximum support and who are ready to achieve the next level in their lives!


Here are the benefits to working with me 1:1

> One-on-one private coaching with me is a transformative experience! I am able to offer you 100% of my knowledge, tools, and guidance during our time together.  I don’t hold anything back!

> One on one coaching allows us to dive deep. To explore root causes, enhance clarity and awareness, and get you the RESULTS you have been seeking!

> I have worked to help transform the lives of thousands of men and women and ready to help you do the same!


We can work to:

  • Let go of old beliefs, old patterns, old addictions, and old baggage that has restricted your life and have been barriers to your goals.
  • Understand your behaviors, navigate your emotions, and retrain your thoughts.
  • Learn to free yourself from excuses and sabotage, stop self criticism and judgement, and learn to begin to make yourself a priority!
  • Let go of your lifelong battles of self hatred, shame,  and never feeling good enough, and begin to cultivate lasting self love and acceptance.
  • Release any of your addictions, weight, fears, or battles numbing your life or limiting your greatness.

And in return, learn to live a life of freedom, self trust, and possibilities you didn’t know existed.


Sessions can be conducted virtually (video or audio conferencing) as well as on location in my North Scottsdale office.




I offer 3 and 6 session packages as well as VIP programs based on your needs.


I understand you might want to “test out” a few sessions before you commit to the full 12, which is why I offer 3 and 6 session packages for you!


However, if you are ready to go deep, your greatest savings (and your greatest transformation) will come from the fully supported VIP program I offer, which includes 12 sessions and unlimited ongoing support and materials during our 3 months together!

If you are done playing it small in your life, are ready to step up to become the very best version of yourself, and are ready to have all of the support and guidance you need to get there, then THIS is for you. 





VIP Program breakdown: 


We get things started by going deep right away with your 90 min Deep Dive Session. During this session we build the foundation of our work together for the next 12 weeks. During this time I get to understand your situation clearly, we discuss expectations, create a game plan, and we get started on the work! During this initial session we will also discuss hypnosis and clarify misconceptions and you experience the relaxation of a hypnosis session.

Throughout the next 12 weeks, we will have 11 more sessions together!

In addition to having 100% access to my expertise, my experience and my toolkit during our private coaching sessions, you also get:


  • FULL access to my online library of guided meditations. These are available to you throughout the program for you to download and listen to at any time!


  • Unlimited access to me via FB instant messaging, email or voxer (audio messaging) for continual support in between sessions.


  • Access to my private Facebook group where I add weekly content designed to best support you


  • Option for 1:1 VIP intensives (coming soon!) days at a massive discount


  • Full access to all trainings (and future trainings throughout our time together) I create.


This investment can change your life. 

The fist step is knowing that you are ready to make that change.



All the details and next steps!


Send an email or phone call/text to arrange payment and set up your sessions! (payment may be processed over the phone or invoiced to you. Sessions are paid prior to scheduling.)


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