Attract a Healthy Relationship Hypnosis




Beautifully scripted 34 min hypnosis audio download designed to encourage the attraction and acceptance of a healthy relationship, starting with the one that you have with yourself. 

This audio focuses in on:

1. Self love and acceptance (it HAS to begin here!)

2. The acceptance of (healthy) love from others

AND includes

Suggestions to clear away blocks such as pain from past relationships, fear, and self sabotage!



Listen consecutively for at least 30 days/nights for best results.

Running time approx. 26 min.

This is a digital product.

This meditation does not replace medical treatment and individual results can vary. Do not listen while driving.

Disclaimer: While this program is powerful and I believe can truly shift your thinking, know individual results can vary and personal results are dependent upon true application of concepts discussed. This program is not a substitute for mental health guidance or diagnosis. Depression, anxiety, and other mental diagnosis need to be treated by a qualified physician and any changes made to your protocol need to be monitored as such.