Weight Loss and Healthy Body Image Hypnosis



The message behind this powerful hypnosis audio is this:

“It is when I love myself that I am able to become the very best version of myself.”

This beautiful meditation is all about releasing the shame, self criticism, and disappointment that often comes alongside weight loss.

Through self love, inner determination, and healthy choices, you can lose weight once and for all!


Listen consecutively for at least 30 days/nights for best results.

Running time approx. 34 min.

This is a digital product.

This meditation does not replace medical treatment and individual results can vary. 

Do not listen while driving.

Disclaimer: While this program is powerful and I believe can truly shift your thinking and behaviors, individual results can vary. This program is not a substitute for mental or physical health guidance or diagnosis. Any changes to your diet should be monitored by a physician.