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Feel free to click the button below to share your experience with Wholistic Healings! I always appreciate client feedback! Here is what some of my clients have had to say!

Taressa she is honest, straight forward and simply the best.

"Taressa helped me to stop smoking in 3 sessions. Have been smoke free for 4 month and have no urge which is great. Did smoke 1 1/2 packs a day for 15 years tried everything else to quit, patches, lozengers etc. was just a waste of money. The hypnosis worked right away and my friends still can not grasp that I am smoke free. I will always highly recommend Taressa she is honest, straight forward and simply the best."
Heike R.

Can't say enough positive things!

"I have had three visits with Taressa now and will attend #4 this week. I wasn't sure what to anticipate with this type of therapy but I have been very happy with my experience. She is a lovely person, so easy to talk to and also very knowledgeable, which I appreciate. I need things explained to wrap my head around them and she does so at each visit, my understanding develops. I look forward to each visit and have referred her to others as well. I can't say enough positive things about her, and this therapy."
-K.S. Mesa, AZ

Taressa is Amazing!

"Taressa is amazing at what she does! I have worked with her several times and each session has provided results exactly where I needed them...communication and releasing stored emotions. She puts a lot of focus and time into getting to know the person and what they hope to achieve during the hypnotherapy session."

Peaceful mind with audio meditations!

"I love the self guided meditations that Taressa offers that you can use at home. I don’t go to bed without listening to it. It truly “quiets” my mind and peacefully puts me to sleep!"

So glad it has worked!

"Thank you Taressa for helping me quit smoking! It was my first time trying hypnotherapy and my first time trying to quit smoking and I am so glad it has worked and I am no longer a smoker! I was so ashamed of the way it made me feel, look and smell when I was smoking before. I am so happy to have found Taressa to continue to help me work through other areas of my life. She’s truly amazing!"
-A.S., AZ

On the path to health, smoke free!

"I came to see Taressa Sept 5th because I desperately wanted to quit closet smoking for good. I had never been able to quit before unless I was pregnant or on meds. The 1st WASN'T going to happen again and the latter had terrible side effects and non lasting results. I walked out of her office around noon and haven't had a smoke since. Yes I had a few cravings at first but it was a LOT more manageable than I had expected. Now I have virtually NO desire to smoke. 1st session and I quit cold turkey. I came in for several follow up visits to also work on my weight gain over the last few years and lack of motivation to work out or eat better. Since seeing Taressa I've also worked out 5 to 6 days a week and have a conscious desire to be healthy and happy. I've been very careful with my diet but my biggest notice is I'm no longer an evening snacker. I use to be an "8p and I'm STARVING" kind of person and had to snack. I don't snack in the evening any more. I may get a tummy grumble and I think to myself "you'll be fine till tomorrow" where before I'd obsesse about that snack till I got up and got it. Now....not. I've also not really worried about the scale so much and while I've only lost maybe 3 or 4 pounds in the last month, I've had SEVERAL people comment on how good I'm looking and how slim I'm looking. More than what the scale says I think the results other people see make a difference. But the most important thing...I FEEL AMAZING! Thank you Taressa Riazzi!"
-T.H. AZ

I am down 5 dress sizes!

"Taressa is absolutely amazing. She was able to accomplish in one hypnotherapy session what many visits to a regular counselor could not. I have been a nail biter since I was a little girl. It was a gross horrible habit that I was very ashamed of. After just one visit with Taressa, I no longer bite my nails, and I have no inclination to bite them either. I used to bite them til they bled. It is so amazing to have long beautiful nails that I am proud to say are mine own natural nails. Since I was so successful with the nails, I decided to go see Taressa again when I decided I wanted to start to eat healthier. I talked to Taressa about my goals of living a healthier lifestyle with food and exercise. I had tried several times in the past to diet and exercise, however, as a woman in my 40's, I felt doomed to gain weight every year. Again, after just one session with Taressa and the determination to want to change, I have lost 54 lbs in the last year. I am down 5 dress sizes and I feel amazing. I can honestly say, these sessions and the assistance of Taressa has really changed my life. I am more positive and happy than I have ever been as an adult. Thank you so much Taressa for believing in me and giving me the tools to be successful on my own journey."
-Marie B.

Simply miraculous!

"I found Taressa during an extremely difficult time in my life. Her sessions helped me to release the emotional stress and inner turmoil of surrounding issues, allowing me to instead concentrate on dealing with events head-on and to the best of my ability. Through this, I was capable of experiencing the worst of what life had thrown at me without maintaining any lasting emotional baggage. Simply miraculous! "
-L.B. AZ

Free of anxiety and self doubt!

When I first came to Taressa, I was broken. Riddled with anxiety, depression and self doubt. In a few sessions she taught me how I could “retrain” my mind and my “thinking” process. Her voice and instruction is memorizing! Things I had buried away were brought to the surface and was dealt with. But in such a positive way. She speaks of her own struggles and how she over came them which made me feel like I wasn’t alone. You’re not alone. But one of the very, most important things she taught me was to be “present”. Be present in all that you are and all that you do. I VERY highly recommend to any of you that are struggling to see her. Don’t allow anymore time to slip away.
Julie Shade

Highly Recommended!

“Taressa is very good at hypnosis. Excellent rapport with the client. Well versed in psychology and I would HIGHLY recommend!"
Anonymous Reviewer

The action steps I need!

"Taressa is very knowledgable about not only her field of expertise, but other information that will affect the success of your treatment!"
K.B. -Tempe, AZ

Skeptic turned believer!

“I didn't know what to expect but my visit was a success! I was able to achieve my goal in one visit and plan on follow up's! I would recommend Wholistic Healing to anyone trying to make a change in their lives!"
L.M. -Phoenix, AZ

Unsure of Hypnosis!

“I was very skeptical about hypnotherapy, but after just one session with Taressa, I love it! I plan to see her for a second session very soon!”
-D.D. Phoenix, AZ

Deeply Relaxed…

“Taressa did an amazing job listening to me and trying to get to the root of my complicated issue. In the end, her effective listening built an awesome script that took me beyond the level of trance that I thought was possible.”
-M.V, Tempe, AZ

Helped with sleep in only 1 Session!

“It was a great experience and I have already noticed a difference in my sleep patterns. I have gone to counseling several times yet I received more out of this one experience. She was patient and I learned so much about myself in the one appointment. I would definitely recommend this company and Taressa. ”

Easy to talk to…

“Taressa is wonderful and very easy to talk to. I have already recommended her to my own clients.”
-T.B. Gilbert, AZ

He Quit After 20 years of smoking!

“Taressa is an amazing Hypnotherapist. I sought out Taressa and hypnotherapy in order to quit smoking, a habit which plagued me for nearly 20 years. I smoked between 11 to 14 cigarettes daily. I was at the point where if I did not address my addiction, I believe I would have slipped to a pack a day, and perhaps more. I had tried to quit cold turkey previously and barely lasted two weeks before regressing. I was not interested using gum, patches, or other drugs. I believe the addiction is comprised of both physical and mental aspects, and to overcome the mental aspect, I chose Taressa and her Quit Smoking Later program. I had always been interested in hypnotherapy. However, I am a skeptic by nature and was unsure if I would be able to be hypnotized or not. I read the reviews on her website (as you are doing now) and that was the tipping point for me to reach out to Taressa. I firmly believe that initial contact saved my life. I am amazed about how smooth and effective hypnotherapy is. However, that was only the tip of the iceberg during Taressa’s therapy. Through my program, I was able to identify, with Taressa’s help, the stimuli which triggered my need to smoke. Additionally, our conversations covered extensive ground revealing behaviors which contributed to my smoking, some of which were formed in my childhood. I have a better sense of myself as a person, which is an added, and initially unexpected benefit, of Taressa’s therapy. Taressa remained available and accessible through my program and was responsive to my questions. Within the first week, I had decreased my cigarette intake by 50%. The second week, the intake declined by nearly another 50%. After the end of the third week, I was smoke free for the first time in nearly 20 years! If you’re a smoker reading these words, do something good for yourself and contact Taressa. I hope this review will be the reason you decide to make the commitment and contact Taressa so you can improve the quality of your life, as I have done with mine.”
-T.P. -Buckeye, AZ

Krista discovered how easy it was to quit smoking!

"After only 4 smoking cessation sessions with Taressa, I am officially a nonsmoker! I smoked a pack a day for 16 years. My entire life revolved around smoking: first thing in the morning, before leaving for work, as soon as I came home from work, after dinner, talking on the phone, bored, happy, or sad, you name it and I needed to smoke! I had tried several methods to quit, including the patch, lozenges, and cold turkey with no luck. With the determination to finally quit, I scheduled my first hypnosis appointment with Taressa. Immediately, I felt comfortable opening up to her about my life and my smoking and did so without feeling any judgment. After every session with Taressa I had an overwhelming sense of confidence in myself that I could actually quit. I felt calm, refreshed and renewed and with each session the urge to smoke decreased significantly. After my first session, I’m talking the very next day, I could barely smoke 4 cigarettes. Let me remind you, I smoked 20 plus cigarettes EVERY DAY, for 16 years! For sessions 2 and 3 I was down to only 3 cigarettes per day. Since the day after my 4th session, I have not touched a cigarette. It seemed too good to be true because of how easy it was to stop. Before I quit, I couldn’t remember what life was like without smoking. The day I quit, I felt as though I had never started. I experienced hardly any withdrawal symptoms. I have an occasional craving, but it’s gone within seconds. It has been one month since I quit and I still cannot grasp how unbelievably simple it was. I completed 6 sessions and because I felt so comfortable with Taressa I immediately signed up for 6 more, to work on other aspects of my life. I feel so fortunate to have met Taressa. She has been such an inspiration and has cheered me on every step though my journey thus far. I am sincerely grateful for her service. I truly believe in the power of hypnosis not only for smoking cessation but for every facet of ones life.”
~Krista P., Gilbert, AZ

Discovering the Root of the problem:

“Taressa goes the extra mile to ask questions and get to the root of what you want to work on, and that is why I know she will be effective at helping others as she was with me”!
-S.P -Mesa, AZ

She Quit After Smoking for 40 years!

“I was a smoker for 40 years and have tried everything to quit. I mean everything from Wellbutrin, patches, lozenges, I even tried breast cancer and that did not stop me. I needed to quit. I wanted to have reconstructive surgery and could not have it till I quit smoking and I just needed to quit. So the one thing I hadn’t tried was hypnosis, which led me to Taressa Riazzi. I had five sessions, the first helped me to cut down about half of my cigarettes without even realizing it. I learned about supplements to help me with my cravings and anxiety. I set up a date to stop, four weeks from starting hypnosis. As I had each session, I learned many things about myself that worked towards quitting. Cigarettes became less and less. On March 1st I quit. I am now smoke free, I don’t know if I will have my surgery, during my talk therapy with Taressa I felt like I didn’t need it I just wanted to be smoke free and I will take it from there. If you want to stop smoking and do it chemical free I recommend to try Hypnosis with Taressa. You not only go through hypnosis you also talk and find out so much about yourself.”

Didn’t think he could be hypnotized!

“I wasn’t sure I could be hypnotized, so I was surprised at how easy and effective it was. Saved me years of therapy!”
-J.D. Scottsdale, AZ

Addressed it perfectly!

“Taressa was great! She made me feel very comfortable from the onset. The session was great and she understood what I needed to work on and addressed it perfectly.”
-M.C., Phoenix, AZ